When Is The Best Time to Travel to Bali

Bali – the famous ‘Island of Gods’ is one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations. Sandwiched between the islands of Java and Lombok in Central Indonesia, Bali features a compelling mix of attractions: from sacred Hindu temples over world-class trekking opportunities to lush rice paddies & mouthwatering street food – the island’s stunning diversity pulls visitors from all over the world!


Bali Legian Beach

Leading airlines conveniently connect the island from major hubs such as Bangkok, Perth or Tokyo. A Visa-on-Arrival for just US$25 (30 days valid) is granted to most nationalities including citizens of the EU & UK, the United States and Australia.

The climate is pleasant all year with an average of 31 C in coastal regions and slightly lower temperatures in higher regions. The best time to travel to Bali eventually comes down to your personal preference and what kind of experiences you would like to have:

  1. High and Low Seasons

The high and low season is in conjunction with the two monsoon periods in Bali. The dry or hot season falls from May to October with exceptional beautiful weather and is the perfect time to enjoy the beach and any kind of outdoor activities. Many families will enjoy their yearly summer vacation as their kids are on school holidays and it’s generally the busiest time of the year speaking you have to deal with skyrocketing prices. The rainy season happens from November to April with daily torrential downpours and is definitely more humid. It’s also the off peak season -except during Christmas and New Year- and you can get everywhere lots of discounts, whether on hotel rates or tour packages.

  1. Festivals

One of the main reasons people visiting Bali is due to its unique culture and plenty of colourful festivals and ceremonies. The very important and highly celebrated Nyepi -widely known as ‘Silent Day’- in April is a day of 24 hours pure silence (even the airport will be shut down) but starts the day before with a huge celebration and carnival style parades through the streets of Bali’s major towns. Every year more and more visitors are attracted by this event. Another spot which gained significant popularity the past years is the town of Negara where bull races taking place from May to October.

  1. Surfing

Practically, surfing can be done in Bali year-round, however some spots are definitely more recommendable when visited under certain weather conditions. Another important point to highlight is that many spots get quickly crowded during the dry season, hence, making it also more dangerous to perform. The west coast, also known as Bali Barat, offers better surfing possibilities from April to October, while the east coast around towns like Amed offers better conditions from November to March.

  1. Honeymoon

Bali has always been one of the world’s hot spots for honeymoons. Whether celebrated at a tranquil resort in Ubud surrounded by lush gardens and rice paddies or watching the sun disappearing behind the horizon of the Indian Ocean, Bali makes it not easy to decide where to reside and spend the most precious days after the wedding. It’s a bit easier to choose the right time though: as mentioned earlier, the hot season is from May to October and no rain is almost guaranteed – making it the perfect time to either just relax on the beach or to create an itinerary packed with action & activities!

  1. Diving

Bali has a stunning and diverse marine life with some of the most beautiful dive sites in Indonesia. From sunfishes and morays over rays and sharks to the wreck of the USS Liberty in Tulamben, rest assured you won’t be disappointed. The dive season in Bali runs all year round, however diving conditions vary from place to place. In general the dry season gives the best visibility around the island. The dive sites in the north / northwest such as Menjangan and Pemuteran are less recommended from December to March due to the rainy season, while dry monsoon winds from June to September will cause upwelling currents around the eastern sites like Padang Bay.

And now it’s up to you – how will you spend a week in Bali? Laying lazy on the beach in Amed and zipping coconuts while listening to the appeasing sound of roaring waves? Or are you more into action and prefer trekking on Mount Batur? Whatever you decide on, you will be astonished by the beauty of Bali and the incredible hospitality of the Balinese people.

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