Book – My Offering by Philippa Goldie

Having spent nine years photographing Bali’s daily offerings, Philippa Goldie’s My Offering was published in 2010. The 2nd edition of My Offering has recently been released. The book is a collection of the author’s favourite photos; each one accompanied aptly by an inspirational quote from some of the world’s most prolific people – from all walks of life. Each photo shows the canang in a different way – all so varied in makeup and meaning.


My Offering by Philippa Goldie

> Not only do I find the canang (offerings) incredibly beautiful, but also the devotion and faith with which Canang are made inspired me to publish my book. I wanted to create awareness of Bali’s most unique and traditional artform. With modern lifestyles it is beginning to die out in some areas – my aim is to create some global awareness and interest.

The book is also her offering back to Bali – where she enjoyed living for 9 years – 10% of profits from the book will go to Bali’s neediest charities. The 1st edition helped Jodie O’Shea Orphanage in Denpasar and Bumi Sehat birthing centre in Ubud.

The colourful, eye-catching book measures 20x20cm; being lightweight it is an ideal gift or souvenir showing some of Bali’s beauty.

Philippa was born & educated in the UK; she moved to Bali in 2001 with her family and after living here for nine years is currently living away from the island between the UK and India.

Where to Buy

My Offering retails at 250,000 IDR and is available throughout Bali, through Amazon Europe or by contacting Philippa direct at <>.


> The book is straightforward in presenting the canang offering as it is — simple but meaningful — and in its simplicity, the book may serve to complete a collection of books about Bali. – The Jakarta Post

> This is a beautiful book with gorgeous photographs and inspiring quotations. -Ganesha Book Shop