Kite Surfing, Bali

Kite surfing is an adrenalin rush that is not to be missed during a stay in Bali, and it can be enjoyed at Sanur Beach, Nusa Dua, and Legian. This is a challenging sport to master, so it is important for newbies to receive some proper instruction. There are a number of schools on the island that provide courses to suit complete beginners to more advanced students. It is not necessary for visitors to bring their own equipment with them to Bali, as there are a few places that will rent out this equipment. The community of kite surfers on Bali is growing all the time, and they tend to be a friendly and helpful bunch of people.



Where to Go Kite Surfing in Bali

The best places on Bali for kite surfing would include:


The best place on the island for kite surfing is Sanur, and this is where many of the training centers are to be found. There is a lagoon created by a protective reef, and this creates the perfect conditions for new students. More experienced kite surfers will be able to enjoy a bit more of challenge outside of the lagoon. There can be some nice winds and waves in this part of Bali, so it is ideal for riding the waves and launching into the air.


Kuta is the most popular tourist destination on Bali, and there are also some kite surfing opportunities here as well. The best conditions are to be found at Canggu Beach to the north of Kuta. The winds here can be strong, so it is probably a better option for the more experienced kite surfer.


Legian is 8km from Ngurah Rai International Airport. There can be good winds here for much of the winter. There is currently (mid 2013) one kite surfing school called the Rip Curl School of Surf (see below for details).

Nusa Dua

Kitesurfing is only just starting to take off in Nusa Dua, and lessons can be arranged by Bali Kite Surf (see below for details). The best kite surfing conditions are to be found here in the lagoon area at Geger Beach at mid to high tide.

Best Time of Year to Go Kite Surfing in Bali

The best time for kite surfing in Bali is between May and September. It is possible to take to the waters throughout the rest of the year, but the conditions can be a bit hit and miss.

Kite Surfing Lessons in Bali

There is a good selection of kite surfing schools in Bali including:

  • Bali Kite Surfing School is located in Sanur, and they offer a number of different courses including: 2 hour level one beginner program (900,000 IDR), 1 hour intermediate level two program (600,000 IDR), 1 hour independent level three program (600,000 IDR). It is also possible to enjoy some private coaching for 500,000 IDR per hour (prices correct as of mid-2013).
  • Bali Kite Surf has a training center on Geger Beach and they offer a discovery kite boarder program, intermediate kite boarder program, and independent kite boarder program.
  • Bali Kitesurf Camp offer special packages that include accommodation as well as kite surfing lessons. It costs US $1,260 (as of mid-2013) for a 5 day course and 7 nights accommodation.
  • Rip Curl School of Surf provides kite surfing lessons in Legian and Sanur. The courses they offer include: essential basic kitting (level 1) costs 950,000 IDR, water control (level 2) costs 950,000 IDR, and riding (level 3) costs 950,000 IDR. This school is also able to provide instruction for children over the age of 12.
  • Blue Oasis Beach Club in sanur offers a range of courses to suit different levels of expertise. They provide two-way radio so they are in constant communication with students on the water.
  • Matahari kite Surfing School is also located in Sanur – right in front of the Mercure Resort. The level one lesson (2 hours) costs 950,000 IDR, the level two lesson (1 hour) costs 650,000 IDR, and the level three lesson (1 hour) also costs 650,000 IDR.

There are resorts and hotels in Bali that will offer to arrange kite surfing lessons, but it is usually cheaper to deal with the schools directly.


Kite Surfing Hire in Bali

There are a number of options for kite surging hire in Bali including:

  • Bali Kite Surfing School has boards for 100,000 IDR per hour (200,000 IDR for a half day), kites for 250,000 IDR per hour (450,000 for a half day), and a full set for 350,000 IDR per hour (650,000 IDR for a half day).
  • Rip Curl School of Surf in Legian offers equipment for rent.

Most of the kite surfing schools will hire out equipment on request. In places like Sanur, they will not usually rent out equipment during low tide because there is too much risk of damage.

Useful Kite Surfing Resources

There are some useful resources available online for anyone interested in kite surfing in Bali including:

  • Seabreeze offers a useful kite surfing travel guide to Bali that includes what to take and where to go.
  • The Kite Forum is an online community made up of fans of the sport. There are a number of forum threads that focus on kite surfing in Bali, and it is a good resource for information sharing.
  • Buoy Weather is a useful resource because it provides information about the sea conditions all over the world. They offer weather conditions for the next two days for free, and they also have a premium option for longer forecasts.
  • The Wikipedia Kitesurfing page provides some useful background information on the sport that may be useful to beginners.
  • The International Kite Boarding Organization provides lots of information about everything related to kite surfing.