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The Best Coworking Spaces in Bali

While more and more people working remotely these days, various destinations started recognizing this movement and now heavily investing in better office facilities and, of course, high-speed internet access. Coworking spaces are currently popping up all over Southeast Asia and that’s no wonder, given the excellent living conditions here: sun year-round, cheap food and very

5 Best Beaches in Bali

Rarely any place on earth offers such a variety of different beaches as Bali does. Sure the island is primarily known for its ancient Hindu temples, lush rice fields and many volcanoes, but not visiting the beach while in Bali is just seeing half of the Island of Gods. Advertisements But why do most visitors

Bali Waterfalls

Some of the best waterfalls on Bali are to be found in the north of the island and include Git Git Waterfall, Les Waterfalls, and Sekupul Waterfalls. There are also some other options in central and southern Bali which will be easier for people staying in some of the most popular tourist areas to reach.

Amed, Bali

Amed in the north east of Bali is the perfect destination for visitors looking for tranquil bays, superb diving spots, traditional villages, and black sand beaches. This area has become a popular choice with honeymoon couples in recent years, and there are plenty of local resorts that can provide the perfect setting for newly married

Health Spas and Retreats on Bali

Health Spas and Retreats on Bali Visiting a health spa or retreat in Bali can mean enjoying a bit of pampering while rejuvenating on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. The stresses of day to day living can take a lot out of people, so it can be crucial to take time out in order

Snorkeling on Bali

If tourists on Bali limit their explorations to above sea level, they will miss out on amazing marine life, fascinating shipwrecks, and stunning coral. This island is one of the top dive destinations in the world, but it is not necessary to go deep underwater in order to see some amazing things. The great advantage

Denpasar, Bali

Visitors to Bali who decide to skip Denpasar will be missing out on great museums, important temples, and the best shopping on the island. It’s a bit of a shame, but most tourists will decide to overlook the capital city to go directly to the beach areas. Those visitors who take the time to get

Jimbaran, Bali

Jimbaran is the perfect destination for romantic couples, seafood addicts, luxury tourists, and anyone looking for the perfect place to enjoy the sunset. This area is sometimes referred to as the ‘Beverly Hills of Bali’ because there are so many expensive Villas and top hotels such as; The Four Seasons, Kupu, Kupu, and Ayana Resort

Seminyak, Bali

The resort area at Seminyak attracts luxury tourists who enjoy things like boutique shops, fancy restaurants, health spas, and art galleries. It is situated right beside Legian, and Kuta is just a few kilometers to the south. Seminyak is a nice place to visit if people are looking for a bit of pampering or some

Gili Islands

Visitors to the Gili Islands get to experience a tropical paradise where they can snorkel with turtles, live like Robinson Crusoe, or travel around in horse drawn carriages. This island chain is right beside Lombok Island, and it is made up of Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Memo. The main tourist activity is on