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Best Places to eat Babi Guling in Bali

Babi Guling, a version of suckling pig, is Bali’s most iconic dish and a meal you won’t find in any other spot of Indonesia, as the country is predominantly Muslim, speaking selling/eating pork is prohibited. The preparation of Babi Guling is a lengthy process that is mostly done by restaurants rather by individuals at home.

Cooking Classes in Bali

Attending a cooking class in Bali gives visitors the opportunity to improve their culinary skills, and learn more about the local culture and people. The popularity of cooking classes means that there is instruction available all over the island. New cooking schools are opening regularly. Advertisements

The Fruits of Bali

One of the nice things that visitors to Bali can look forward to is the variety of tropical fruit available. The fact that these delicious and healthy items are cheap means that even those of us on a tight budget can afford to indulge. Bali is a Fruit Lovers Paradise The type of fruits available

Traditional Balinese Food

Visitors to Bali usually try some of the local food during their stay. The problem is that many restaurants that cater for foreign visitors usually fill up their menus with Chinese, standard Indonesian, and western dishes. This means that people get the impression that they are sampling the local dishes when strictly speaking they aren’t.

Drinks in Bali

Sampling some of the local drinks in Bali is relatively simple, as these are available everywhere. Caution though is advised with some of the alcoholic concoctions, because they can be quite strong.